June 21, 2008

Review of “Spamalot”

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I was pretty eager to see “Spamalot,” the lovingly-ripped-off stage production of Monty Python’s “Quest for the Holy Grail.” I went to one of those half-price booths and got myself the best ticket in the place, half off. When patronizing one of these establishments, it is important to remember that the position of the best available seat the day of the show often reveals how popular it is. Six hours before the show, 10th row center was their best seat. It was too good a position for the show to be good.

It started out alright. I was expecting to mostly see gags from the film and a little new stuff, and that’s exactly what I got. I would have enjoyed it much more if it had either been written better, or delivered better, which I guess means it was bad overall. The jokes were very dated, like the knights going to Spamalot, where “What happens in Spamalot, stays in Spamalot” referring to the popular Las Vegas slogan. King Arthur was particularly stiff, and walked around most of the time with little or no reaction to the silliness around him, when the whole point of his character is that he is supposed to be the one with some sense.

The other half of the new humor was trying desperately to poke fun at the musical genre, but I ended up being more annoyed than anything. Singing “This is the song that goes like this” and “Whatever happened to my part” felt more like time-killers than anything that was supposed to result in laughter.

As a fan of the movie and of live theater, I was let down. It was a pleasant enough way to spend an evening, but I regretted paying as much as I had to see it.