October 3, 2008

In Debate, Palin Confirms McCain’s Vocabulary

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In the Vice-Presidential debate Thursday night, Governor Sarah Palin and Senator Joe Biden had the opportunity to clear up some of the misconceptions about themselves and each of the presidential candidates.  Governor Palin made sure to let it be known that “John McCain knows what evil is.”

Not only does he know what “evil” is, he also knows words like “abrogate,” “harangue,” and “spry.” “And I assure you,” she assured us, “I have been to his home, and I have seen that he not only has a dictionary, but a lot of other reference books like a thesaurus and an encyclopedia, as well as host of old editions of Reader’s Digest.”

The Key to Understanding "Evil"

The Key to Understanding

“I haven’t seen Barak Obama use a dictionary” she chided, “I see him with all of his fancy lawbooks though, and well, to a small-town hockey mom Washington outsider, that just doesn’t make sense to me.”

How Can We Trust a Man Like This?

How Can We Trust a Man Like This?

Critics note that President Bush has never been known to use a dictionary or any other source of information.