July 2, 2008

American Consulate Offers South Korean Protestors “Some Cheese to go with their Whine”

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Showing Support for US Dairy Products

As Beef Protests in South Korea simmer down, officers from the American Consulate in Seoul are trying to bury the hatchet by offering American dairy products to South Korean protesters.

“Sharing food is an important part of Korean culture,” says Kim Su-jin, “Protesting is hard work, so we were sure they would be hungry. Since we’ve seen protesters in close contact with other dairy products, we thought it would be nice to offer them a little cheese, especially since they need some to counter their disproportionate amount of whining. It’s important to maintain good nutrition.”

No word yet on what kind of cheese would be distributed, but rumor is that much of it would be melted onto bread and tomato sauce in a traditional Korean dish called “Pi-cha.” Officials plan to partake in the meal with protest leaders. They hope that this gesture of goodwill results in further calming of tempers, as well as an increase in trust regarding US agriculture. “It is from cows, but it’s not beef, showing once again that American cows are diverse and have much to offer.”